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our team aims to combine professional expertise with capeverdean hospitality.

structured organisation combined with the capeverdean lust for life offers the base for a high quality service and a unique experience. 



friendly, highly motivated people, with open minds and a good sense of responsability are always welcome in our team. 

we also expect a good guide to have: an indepth knowledge about the islands, a high level of different language skills, knowledge about the needs and the country of origins of our guests and the ability to structure an informative excursion.

our team is trained to meet these requirements and is constantly assisted to develop their potential.

aventura lda. is an ’agencia de viagem’, a legal status which allows the company to exercise tourist activities according to capeverdean law.

the experience

imagine you are visiting a country, you are enchanted, a country that envelops your soul, which triggers a desire for more… this is what happened to the founders of aventura lda., in 2001. they moved from germany to cape verde, the challenging adventure began: to provide professional services in an amiable but little developed country.

out of the idea to share this experience with other travellers the incoming agency aventura was founded in 2004, developing and promoting tourism on site. 

our first guests were individual travellers from a german tour operator. little by little our clientele was enlarged by travel groups, direct clients who were booking excursions on the spot and day visitors for cruise ships.

today we are also taking care of french, danish, swedish, polish and american guests. 

the combination of the lively historical and cultural seaport of mindelo, the nearby green and authentic mountainous scenery of santo antao and a little bit of relaxation by the ocean is what enchantes us.

this rich mixture has been the base of our offers since the beginning. in 2009 we expanded our offer to include activities on the southern islands of the archipelago. 

we were growing with our challenges. the team became bigger, processes in the company were optimized and our staff has either a qualifying degree in tourism or receives in house training with the company.

from the desires expressed by our clients and partners we have established packages going from the basic, to authentic impressions, to the organisation of full packages allowing the guest a comfortable discovery of cape verde.

this choice also allows our partner to offer the ideal package adapted to the personalized needs of their customers.

longtime experience, a solid knowledge base, an understanding of the culture on the islands and established contacts within the networking team in situ, in addition to a keen awareness of the special requirements of tour operators are the basis for our product development and service quality.