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take cape verde as you find it and you will fall in love with these little islands in the middle of the atlantic ocean. 



amongst unfinished houses and sporadic signs of both vegetation and inhabitation, you will find a pure joy of life, bright colours, wonderful people, experience interesting encounters and view breathtaking scenes of natural beauty. 

black lava, bright blue seas, black or white sandy beaches, warm brown hues of colour in the plains and mountains, alongside tropical green vegetation – all of which go to form the backdrop of the capeverdean islands.


since 2004 aventura lda., an incoming agency, has been meeting the needs of travellers, in all their guises, arriving on the capeverdean islands. aventura makes a conscious effort to always develop and promote the positive impact of tourism to the islands.

our philosophy is based on the idea of sustainable tourism. we want to support the country, especially its people, to build a future through tourism.

viewing tourism as a bridge between cultures our aim is to include the maximum number of the population into our activities wherever possible - to create a source of income for the people and to enable the traveller to enjoy first-hand experiences.

who could do this better than the hosts themselves? be this in the form of a guide, a fisherman, a hotelier, a host family, a farmer, musician, a driver or the owner of a guitar workshop – we all have something to share.